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The information here is meant to provide an overview of the different tasks that you have to complete for QED 523.

For the assessable components, your respective tutors will go through them in greater detail when they meet you for the first face-to-face session.

Assessable Components

There are FOUR components to the assessment:

  1. Pre-Team Presentation Consultation     
  • Each presentation team will prepare a draft of the lesson plan for the proposed presentation – including the handouts/documents/samples to be used.
  • Each presentation team is expected to come to the consultation session prepared with what they plan to present in their tutorial group. The role of the tutor is to provide feedback and constructive advice on how the proposed presentation can be enhanced.
  1. Team Presentation          
  • Each presentation team will hand a hard copy of the confirmed lesson plan, including necessary handouts/documents for the tutorial session’s presentation by the team, to the tutor.
  • Each presentation team will hand a hard copy of the assessment form to their tutor and to each of the audience members. The tutor will collect the completed assessment forms from the audience members at the end of the presentation.
  • The tutor will conduct a short debrief session with the presentation team after their presentation, in which he/she will provide them with overall feedback, as well as feedback from the audience members. The tutor will not disclose individual scores awarded by audience members or the score that he/she has awarded the presentation group. However, the tutor may read out written comments provided by audience members.
  • The tutor will take the audience ratings into consideration vis-à-vis his/her own ratings of the presentation group when devising the final score for the presentation team.
  1. Individual tutorial group participation           
  • Each student is expected to be an active participant in their tutorial group, and constructively contribute to discussions.
  • Students on MC will have their class participation points somewhat compromised.
  1. One Individual Essay (IE)   
  • For the individual essay, the student will choose to discuss ONE out of two questions.
  •  The essay should be about 1,500 words long. 
  • Each student’s essay must be submitted through Safe Assignment on Blackboard to verify low (below 30% is desired) or no plagiarized content. Students are to print out the first page results from Safe Assignment for hardcopy submission to the tutor.
  •  The hard copy of the essay AND cover page from Safe Assignment must be submitted at the beginning of the last tutorial session.
  •  Tutors may let students know their letter grades for marked essays but not the raw scores. 
  • Late submissions will NOT be entertained.


In addition to the four assessment components described above, you are highly encouraged to do the following NIe-Folio task:

The Graduand Teacher Competencies Framework (GTCF) provides a holistic integration of the revised V3SK model (i.e. Values, Skills and Knowledge of the 21st Century teacher) and MOE’s competencies framework of beginning teachers as expounded in the Enhanced Performance Management System (EPMS).

Choose ONE core competency from EACH of the following dimensions

  • Professional Practice
  • Leadership and Management
  • Personal Effectiveness


(1)   From readings, tutorial discussions and presentations conducted across all the QED 523 topics, collate ideas and strategies of what beginning teachers need to consider and practice in order to develop the selected THREE core competencies. You are encouraged to start collecting relevant artifacts (e.g. YouTube videos, PowerPoint slides, newspaper clippings) from various sources used in the module and to consolidate the information into a final product. These learning artifacts can be represented in a variety of forms such as a mind map, visual montage, slides presentation or video.

(2)   Reflect on your personal development of these THREE identified competencies as you train to become a teacher. For example, what do these competencies mean to you? Why do you think these competencies are important and how do you see yourself developing in them?  Are there specific challenges that you face as you seek to develop these competencies? Capture personal reflections such as these in a 800-word to 1,000-word blog post that is to be completed at the end of the course. 

Upload both products onto your personal NIe-Folio, and invite your tutor to view them.