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Sr. Ambreen Ahmad

Name: Sr. Ambreen Ahmad

Department(s): English and Language Arts, MS & HS

Title(s): English Teacher; English and Language Arts Department Head, MS & HS

Email Address: aahmad@annooracademy.com


Sr. Ambreen Ahmad is a native “Long Islander" who went to State University of New York at Stony Brook. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Political Science, she moved to New Jersey and started a thriving career in corporate public relations. After having spent several years climbing the corporate ladder, (with companies such as Optima Systems, Amersham Health, and GE Healthcare) and three children, Mrs. Ahmad fell into teaching as a Language Arts instructor at Baytul-Iman Academy. She initiated Baytul-Iman’s “BIA Horizons” newsletter, as well as a Debate Club and a “Writing Workshop”.  Additionally, she led a team of BIA students to Model United Nations and brought back Honorable Mentions from the Model UN initiative. She also taught middle school Science, Math, and "writing workshop"at ICOB Academy. Throughout her career Mrs. Ahmad has always managed to help her students achieve Terra-Nova scores in the 90th percentile.  

Along with her various occupational obligations, Sr. Ambreen is also pursuing a Masters in Education in Social Sciences. Since joining An-Noor Academy in 2015, she has high aspirations for each and every one of her students from seventh to twelfth grade.  She is working to enhance the current curriculum, including literature, composition, and comparative analysis to collegiate level.  She wishes to lead An-Noor students to not only accolade but also endeavors beyond the horizons they have set for themselves.