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Masha-Allah! An-Noor Debate Team Gains Success Again

posted Feb 20, 2016, 8:08 AM by Hammad Mahmood   [ updated Feb 20, 2016, 8:08 AM ]

An-Noor debate team gains success again MashaAllah! We had our second tournament and MashaAllah I am extremely ecstatic to report that it was another achievement! An-Noor students competed with students from nine different schools; two Catholic schools, four preparatory academies (whose tuition ranges from 15-20K per student per year!), one school from a prestigious blue ribbon district with an infinite budget, and the regional champions who won national debate competition last year! Each school was represented by at least five to ten different teams (15 to 30 kids) while An-Noor was represented by only four teams of three kids (only 12 kids)! With probability like that many would be discouraged, but MashaAllah our debate team is unflappable!

With just one tournament under our belt we were still green and the students knew that it would be a daunting task as all of the schools participating were those that have been doing it for at least ten plus years. I had told the students to try their best, and that to remember that it was the experience not the accolades that was our primary objective. Surprisingly though, I was floored by the results during and after the close of the debates.

One group of three students from our school managed to win one of the Top position, Eleventh Place, and received medals, out of the thirty six different teams there! That means they beat out twenty five different teams (a total seventy five kids)! Ameerat Bisiolu, Huda Saleh, and Amina Arsalan, and managed to be top debaters mashaallah amongst almost 2/3rds of the schools and students there. Moreover our three teams won seven out of sixteen debates, almost half of the debates MashaAllah! Additionally, Shurafa Thowfeeq was awarded the top speaker plaque again MashaAllah! Ameerat Bisiolu, Huda Saleh, Amina Arsalan wind three out of four of their debates! Huzaifa Ansari, Ahmad Musa Insannaly, Mahmoud Gailani won two out of four of their debates!Shurafa Thowfeeq, Arwa Arsalan, and Zahra Arsalan won two out of four of their debates! Even sixth graders Ainoor Ali, Dania Ali, and Rezwana Sarder won one out of four debates! MashaAllah it was an amazing day to say the least!

Congratulations to the students, parents, and all of the staff at An-Noor Academy! May all success be ours InshaAllah in this world and the hereafter!

Jazakum Allah Khayran for all the support and encouragement!

Mrs. Ambreen Ahmad