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An-Noor in News

An-Noor Debate Team - Winning top positions at New Jersey debate tournament! - December, 2016

  • Haaris Syed won the FIRST PLACE at Tournament Gavel!
  • Huzaifa Ansari won the Top speaker of School plaque
  • An-Noor as a whole won the SECOND PLACE position, winning over 75% of the debates
  • Team 1: Huzaifa Ansari, Haaris Subhani, and Haaris Syed
  • Team 2: Dania Ali, Shurafa Thowfeeq, and Yaseen Zahir
  • Team 3: Nazmeen Abbasi, Ainoor Ali, and Zaynab Khan
  • Team 1 won ALL FOUR of the debates
  • Team 2 won three out of four debates
  • Team 3 won two out of four debates
The assertions being debated were:
  1. Build the Dakota Access Pipeline 
  2. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is good for the United States 
  3. The US should NOT colonize Mars 
  4. Autonomous cars do more good than harm

Masha Allah!
An-Noor Academy Received the Most Awards at Science Olympiad - May, 2014
          Barge Building - 1st place 
               Can Race - 3rd place
   Chopper Challenge - 1st place and 2nd place
  Gummy Bear launch - 1st place and 3rd place
Mystery Architecture - 2nd place and 3rd Place 
        Straw egg drop - 1st place and 3rd place 

An-Noor Academy's Student, 1st Place Winner, UIF Annual 2014 Essay Contest - April, 2014 

Alhamdulillah, Talyah Basit, a high school senior at An-Noor Academy, won the 1st place for easy competition in 9-12 Grades category. The nation wide easy competition among Islamic schools was organized by University Islamic Financial

Also, Summaiya Kashif of An-Noor Academy made it to the Finalists for Grades 1-5 category

Allahu Akbar!
An-Noor Academy Won 6th Place Overall in the NJ Science Olympiad  Camden County College Regional Tournament - January, 2014

Congratulations to all winners.  
      Biology Blitz: 3rd Place ( Aqil & Aabaan)
       Boomilever: 6th Place (Bilal  &  Sheheryar)
  Rotor Egg Drop: 5th place (Nabihah & Kainat)
Wheeled Vehicle: 3rd place (Aqil & Aabaan)
    Write It Do It: 6th place (Sabiha & Fatimah)

 Link to NJ Science Olympiad, 2014 page: