An-Noor Academy

Students in Action

Ramadan Food Bags

ANA SIA have teamed up with ICNA Relief to collect items and assemble food bags for families in need. Masha Allah, such a beautiful initiative by our students and in great timing. This year, has been difficult and adjusting for all. These food bags may just be the relief some families need to properly enjoy this blessed month!

Virtual Game Night

"Ur Turn" and SIA took it as a challenge. They organized and arranged an afterschool game night for all students. Students had a chance to compete with their fellow classmates and others attending An Noor Academy!

Amazon Smile Diaper Drive

SIA students pulled through, with help from the community, to organize and donate boxes of diapers to those in need! Many families were helped and very thankful for the gesture! Just another way SIA made it a little easier in these difficult times!

Feed the Hungry

SIA teamed with Pious Projects to organize, assemble, and pack meals for the needy. Watch through to see them hard at work!

Ramadan Food Drive with ICNA Relief

SIA teamed with ICNA Relief to extend relief to families in need! They created food bags for families to help them through their struggles. Ramadan is all about counting our blessings and living through the day as someone who is not as fortunate or blessed. This month encourages us to give more to the needy and be thankful for however much we have. What better way to show our appreciation than to provide to others.

State Competition - Representing New Jersey!

Our SIA team brings nothing but pride to An Noor Academy and to its state of New Jersey as they compete in State Competitions.

Washington DC Conference

Our An Noor SIA team brought home a GOLD medallion to honor the hardwork and efforts displayed throughout the year! Go An Noor SIA!