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An-Noor Academy

An-Noor Academy is Accredited by MSA CESS. Having undergone an accreditation process means that An-Noor Academy meets a high standard of educational quality. It is rewarding to know that our parents and students are receiving the highest quality of Islamic Education by being a part of the An-Noor Academy community!  

Anticipated for 2023/2024 at An-Noor Academy...

Summer was busy for us as we bring back some prior programs and make some thrilling additions! 

Under our Dome....

An-Noor is consistently involved in various programs, available to a wide range of grade levels. 
The life of an ECL/Elementary student at An Noor Academy! Our teachers take learning beyond books and writing utensils!
Middle/High Schoolers unite to make an impact on An Noor Academy and it's community! Come see how!

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The graduates of An-Noor Academy will be prepared to thrive in a global society as responsible, devout, and contributing members of the community through academic excellence and teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. 

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