An-Noor Academy's 

Darul Huda (Tahfeez)

Darul Huda Institute

Darul Huda Institute offers a unique full-time Quran Memorization Program. As part of this well structured program, students take rigorous and specialized classes beginning in grade 3 and completing the memorization of the Quran by grade 7. The classes are taught by a team of dedicated and professional teachers who have many years of teaching specialized Hifz classes.


Third Grade | memorizing a minimum of  3 Juz

Fourth Grade | memorizing a minimum of 5 Juz

Fifth Grade | memorizing a minimum of 8 Juz

Sixth Grade | memorizing a minimum of 10 Juz

Seventh Grade | memorizing a minimum of 4 Juz

Students are evaluated on the following reading skills:

Recognize and correctly pronounce letters

Recognize and correctly pronounce Tashkeel

Apply Madd 2,4

Recognize and correctly pronounce rules of Noon Sakina and Tanween

Fluent reading with correct pronunciation

This unique Tahfeez Program not only places huge emphasis on the memorization process, but it offers instructions in Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Islamic Studies. As a result, our Huffaz do not miss out on any of the critical academic subjects after finishing their memorization of the Quran.

Darul Huda Institute graduates Huffaz who successfully go on to lead Taraweeh prayers in various Masajids throughout New Jersey.

For Darul Huda inquiries and acceptance criteria, please contact Qari Rifaqat Farooqi ( or Qari Zahid Rafique (