The An-Noor Academy 


An-Noor Academy was established in September 2000 by Muslim Center of Middlesex County (MCMC) to serve the educational needs of the community of Piscataway and surrounding areas. 

This vibrant educational institution of academic and character learning, now in its twenty first year of successful operation, offers a rigorous and challenging curriculum.

Offerings include:

A number of An-Noor Academy graduates are pursuing graduate or post graduate degree courses at various New Jersey colleges and universities.  

To educate and enlighten our youth about the creation and commandments of Allah (SWT) and to foster academic excellence through love of and obedience to Allah (SWT) and his beloved Messenger (SAW).

1) Our community's strength lies in our belief of the principles of Islam.

2) All students have the capacity to learn, grow and develop. 

3) Each member of the community possesses talents and abilities that can positively impact society.

4) The diverse backgrounds of all people is a strength to be valued and appreciated.

5) Our community has a responsibility to promote justice and equality.

6) The spiritual and intellectual growth of the community is necessary for the development of productive citizens and ambassadors of Islam.