An-Noor Academy 

Middle School

Sixth Grade - Eighth Grade

The middle school years represent an important transition for students. Therefore, our Middle School program is a perfect balance of a rigorous academic curriculum, learning and practicing Islamic values, and fostering a sense of independence and ownership in students’ learning. Our teachers are dedicated and committed to supporting all students academically, emotionally and spiritually.  

In addition to a rigorous student-centered curriculum that is aligned with New Jersey academic standards, we offer students an array of clubs and extracurricular activities meant to broaden their experiences and cultivate their many and varied interests. 

We recognize the importance of continuing to foster love and knowledge of the Quran and Islamic ideals in the middle school years. That is why we not only put a strong focus on the learning of the Quran and Islamic values, but also put high expectations on applying and exemplifying our Islamic values in our behavior and in our interactions with all members of society.