An-Noor Academy 


First Grade - Fifth Grade

Our devoted teachers instill a passion for learning in each student. Our curriculum and instruction supports students’ development in core subject areas, as well as addressing the student’s behavioral and social needs. Reading is paramount in the early years and our leveled reading curriculum allows students to master reading skills and develop a love for reading. 

At An-Noor Academy, our students learn in a safe and dynamic Islamic environment. Here, they will become mathematicians, scientists, writers and more. We create a student-centered learning environment in which students have an opportunity to actively engage in their learning and master essential skills to be life-long learners. Students strengthen their abilities to develop critical thinking, problem solving, organizational, and study skills. 

Our students not only strengthen their skills academically; we are strongly focused  on developing exceptional behavior habits that align with our Islamic beliefs. Students learn and practive what it means to be an outstanding Muslim and how to treat themselves and others with respect and compassion.