Elementary - Grades 1st - 5th

Our Philosophy: Success Is A Team Effort!

First Grade

We look forward to an education-rich school year filled with unique experiences to help our students mature through the first grade. We are devoted teachers with the ability to reach and establish a passion for learning in each student. We develop creative lesson plans for core subjects, as well as addressing the student’s behavioral and social needs. We incorporate hands-on activities and fun manipulative materials such as number cubes, pattern blocks, and color rods to accommodate all learning styles. First grade begins the journey for young students who finally feel like part of a “big” school. We at An-Noor Academy strive to make this milestone a success. We believe that reading is paramount in first grade and our rigorous curriculum supports this. From simple rhymes, to classroom news, to patterned stories and beginner non-fiction books, we are able to offer a plethora of resources. Being aware of the importance of language arts, we will be incorporating writing in every subject. Our students will be able to develop excellent reading and writing skills. We will also continue to build strong communication and interpersonal skills to foster meaningful relationships with you.

Second Grade

Second grade is a year of important transitions and one where our students’ learning skills will strengthen and increase. Our philosophy for learning is that each student is unique and each student learns in a different way. We work to help our students discover his or her individuality and work alongside with them to maximize it. Together we are able to bring excellence in all core subject areas. We put an emphasis on fluent reading at each student’s own level. In it is second grade where students become more fluent readers and writers. Besides implementing the academic curriculum, we have numerous interesting hands on extra-curricular activities to engage and challenge young minds. Our students will be encouraged to learn in a safe, dynamic, and an Islamic environment. Here they will become mathematicians, scientists, writers and more. Students will work on strengthening their language skills through reading, writing and speaking. Not only will they strengthen their skills academically, but also work on developing exceptional behavior habits. They will learn what it means to be an outstanding Muslim and how to treat themselves and others with respect and compassion.

Third Grade

In third grade, students start putting the pieces of the learning puzzle together to take on more rigorous assignments. As the ‘pillar’ of elementary, students will continue to use the skills they have learned in first and second grade. Students will also begin to work more independently rather than with the precise directions given in previous grades. Students will explore many literary elements and different genres as they learn about themselves as readers and writers. Our objectives for the year are many. Among them are to encourage students to strive for academic excellence and energize students to become responsible self-directed young adults who are accountable for their actions. We will always help students develop positive self-esteem, as well as develop responsible citizens who can function and contribute to their community. In addition, we will strengthen their abilities to develop critical thinking, problem solving, organizational, and study skills. We strongly believe parental involvement is an important component of student success.