An-Noor Academy


tech·nol·o·gy /tekˈnäləjē/

Technology is a very broad term when applied to the education system. It is involved in every aspect, either intentionally or unintentionally. With the speed at which we are progressing in this era, it is compulsory for students to be just as technologically intellectual as any other intellect. While we were all moving slowly towards a more technological approach to our everyday learning, the current COVID situation only sped up the process. In terms of An-Noor Academy, the term "technology" is three-fold and they are outlined below.


  • TeacherEase: Main portal of communication amongst parents and admin/teachers

  • Google Classroom: Keep track of children's individual online classes


  • Personal computing devices

  • Interactive Boards/ SmartBoards

  • Presentation Screens

  • E-Textbook versions and digital resources


  • Google Suite accounts for all students at An-Noor Academy

  • Kahoot!, FlipGrid, Epic and many more apps used for interactive learning