Middle School 

& High School

Poetry Slam!

At An-Noor, 

the talent is pure. 

Take a seat and give us an ear,

Poetry Slam Time, it's that time of the year!

Women in Islamic History

Join our Middle School students as they take us on a trip to revisit some of Islam's most iconic women!

Shark Tank Mock Trial - Coming Soon!

Br Shomail Malik dedicating his time to give students a real life experience. He is leading our Future Business Leaders club for our High School Students

FIFA Watch Party!


That was the learning you heard in the hallways during the FIFA 2023 Watch Party at An-Noor Academy. 

Ramadan Food Drive by ANA SIA & ICNA Relief

ANA SIA have teamed up with ICNA Relief to collect items and assemble food bags for families in need. Masha Allah, such a beautiful initiative by our students and in great timing. This year, has been difficult and adjusting for all. These food bags may just be the relief some families need to properly enjoy this blessed month!

Vending Machines

Learning makes us HUNGRY and we don't want HANGRY kids roaming our hallways. Our Middle and High School students helped raise funds to install and run vending machines in our school building. Let's just say this was one investment everyone was happy to see!

Dribble.. Dodge... Shoot... Our Basketball Team!

We have a dedicated and hardcore Basketball team that doesn't play (pun intended). Seriously, they don't play!

Drone Time

Our teachers stay up to date with the latest trends. Our students loved learning, creating, and flying drones with their teachers for a more educated flight!

STEM Experiments!

STEM: an interdisciplinary approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons as students apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in contexts that make connections between school, community, work, and the global enterprise enabling the development of STEM literacy and with it the ability to compete in the new economy.

Student Council

A successful school and positive school experience can only be possible when students feel like their voice is heard and change is made. Our student council members are chosen by election, to represent the entire student body and bring forth ideas for the future!